University of Wisconsin-Madison

Journal Articles:

Performance of two Askaryan Radio Array stations and first results in the search for ultra-high energy neutrinos,
ARA Collaboration: P. Allison et al,
e-print archive arXiv: 1507.08991[astro-ph.HE], July 2015,

On the feasibility of RADAR detection of high-energy neutrino-induced showers in ice,
Krijn D. de Vriesa, Kael Hanson, Thomas Meures,
Astroparticle Physics 60 (2015) 25-31,

First Constraints on the Ultra-High Energy Neutrino Flux from a Prototype Station of the Askaryan Radio Array,
ARA Collaboration: P. Allison et al,
e-print: arXiv:1404.5285v2 [astro-ph.HE],

Design, Modeling and Testing of the Askaryan Radio Array South Pole Autonomous Renewable Power Stations,
D.Z. Besson, D.M. Kennedy, K. Ratzlaff, R. Young,
e-print: arXiv:1403.1253 [physics.ins-det],

A bi-directional fixed-latency clock distribution system,
Y. Yang, A. Ó Murchadha, T. Meures, M. Korntheuer, K. Hanson,
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Design and Initial Performance of the Askaryan Radio Array Protoype EeV Neutrino Detector at the South Pole,
ARA Collaboration: P. Allison et al,
Astropart. Phys. 35 (2012) 457-477; e-print: arXiv:1105.2854 [astro-ph.IM],

Conference Proceedings:

Simulation of the Event Reconstruction of Ultra High Energy Cosmic Neutrinos with Askaryan Radio Array,
S. Sun, P. Chen, M. Huang,
Presented at the CosPA Symposium, Melbourne, Australia, November 2009; e-print: arXiv:1002.0023 [astro-ph.HE],