University of Wisconsin-Madison

image ARA is an international collaboration with members spread across half of the world’s time zones.

North America: University of Wisconsin–Madison, Kansas University, Ohio State University, University of Delaware, University of Maryland

Europe: Free University of Brussels, University College-London

Asia: Weizman Institute, National Taiwan University, Chiba University

Australia: University of Adelaide

ARA at University of Wisconsin

Photo of Albrecht Karle
Albrecht Karle
IceCube, DM-Ice, ARA
(608) 890-0542
Photo of Kael Hanson
Kael Hanson
Professor, WIPAC Director
IceCube, ARA
(608) 890-0540
Photo of Michael DuVernois
Michael DuVernois
Senior Scientist
IceCube, HAWC, ARA
(608) 263-9461
Photo of John Kelley
John Kelley
Deputy Detector Operations Manager, Senior Scientist
IceCube, ARA
Photo of Rishabh Khandelwal
Rishabh Khandelwal
Research Assistant
Photo of Kevin Langhoff
Kevin Langhoff
Physics student
Photo of Piper Lincoln
Piper Lincoln
Undergraduate Researcher
Photo of Anna Christenson
Anna Christenson
Physics Student
Photo of Maggie Beheler-Amass
Maggie Beheler-Amass
Physics Student
Photo of James Haugen
James Haugen
Instrumentation Project Manager
IceCube, ARA
Photo of Perry Sandstrom
Perry Sandstrom
Electrical Engineer
IceCube, DM-Ice, ARA
(608) 263-2406
Photo of Edward Cheng
Edward Cheng
Undergraduate Student
Photo of Eric Kulcyk
Eric Kulcyk
Undergraduate Student
Photo of David Pernic
David Pernic
Drill Lead
IceCube, ARA
Photo of Carl Pfendner
Carl Pfendner
Graduate Student
Photo of Andrew Arbuckle
Andrew Arbuckle
Electrical Technician
IceCube, ARA
Photo of Jeff Cherwinka
Jeff Cherwinka
Mechanical Engineer
IceCube, DM-Ice, ARA
Photo of Darrell Hamilton
Darrell Hamilton
Instrument Maker
IceCube, ARA
Photo of Andrew Laundrie
Andrew Laundrie
Electrical Engineer
IceCube, DM-Ice, ARA
Photo of Amy Pagac
Amy Pagac
CADD Designer
Photo of Hagar Landsman
Hagar Landsman
Scientist, Weizmann Institute of Science
IceCube, ARA